Cederkloof Botanicals

The local Citrusdal industries of agriculture and tourism have a seasonal nature, and stable year-round work is scarce. The male workers on the farm spend the winters on alien removal and wilderness clean-up, and I was determined to find new industry for the women so that they can be stable providers for their families. At the same time, the gardens and surrounding mountains are abundant sources of indigenous herbs. The women remembered their natural affinity with working herbs around a table, sometimes in silent meditation and sometimes with rich storytelling. Cederkloof Botanicals were born from here, plants and people in harmony. The women are in a 50% partnership in this endeavour.

Cederkloof Premium Rooibos Tea
Rooibos tea is one of South Africa’s most revered botanical exports. Besides tea, the rooibos plant Aspalanthus linearis is used in the cosmetic, wine, culinary and wellness industries. The Cederberg is habitat to rooibos and thus far has not been successfully cultivated anywhere else. The soil type, microbes and climate determine the quality of the tea and therefore, like wine, tea has terroir specific characteristics. I sourced our premium tea from a farmer that grows organic tea between natural fynbos slopes with fertile soil, giving the tea deep red colour and satisfying aroma and flavours. We now offer our premium tea in the cottages that will improve on all your previous rooibos experiences. I love to experiment with blends and preparations, giving rise to our available varieties of tea for sale. Please ask us for a rooibos tea tasting; we would love to know what you think.

Our Store

Besides creams, ointments and teas, we have developed a range of incenses. It is a part of the local culture to burn whole plants, rolled up in wands, for ceremonial, cleansing and health reasons. The plants are abundant in oils and volatile botanicals, only sensed when the fragrant smoke fills the air. During my trip to Japan, I observed how they use incense in the temples, where fragrant smoke permeates the air. The finely ground plants burn slower with more control. I applied the texture of the Japanese powdered incense to our aromatic plants, with satisfying results.

There are a few masters of skincare growing in the gardens, from the well- known Aloe ferox to the lessor used but powerful Sand Olive, Lion’s Tail and Helichrysum. I use these herbs in combination with organic virgin olive and coconut oils to make infusions and blend in jojoba, baobab, apricot kernel, and Tamu oils to make nurturing and healing skincare ranges. All products are free of chemicals and preservatives.

Please email me if you are interested in the following products:

• Premium loose-leaf rooibos, rooibos blends with indigenous herbs such as sand olive, and sages

• Our famous coffee beans Herbal tea blends or a single dried variety of herbs

• Incense wands

• Incense boxes with powdered leaves

• Face cream made with Aloe ferox gel, herb infusions and various skin enriching plant oils, in a vegetable-based carrier cream.

• Nourishing ointments with frankincense, myrrh for the entire body

• Healing ointments with added herbs for problematic skin

• Confetti by the kg – a highlight for any wedding ceremony